Payment assistance

Deferred Payment Arrangements (DPA's)

If you cannot pay your bill in full by the due date, you can file a DPA with the Utility to make payments and stay current with your account. DPA forms are required to be filled out and signed by customers PRIOR to the due date of the billing period. Customers can find the terms and conditions of DPA's on the form that is linked below.

The staff at the Utility Commission Office can assist customers with drafting DPA's by calculating the payment amount and payment dates and then send the form to the customer to sign.

Alternatively, customers can use the button found below to access the DPA form and either print, fill out, and return the form OR download the fillable DPA form, and submit a completed form via email to . Utility staff will confirm receipt of emailed forms with customers and that their provided terms are acceptable.

Customers can contact the Utility Commission Office (262-248-2311) with any additional questions that they may have regarding DPA's.

Payment Assistance Resources

Customers may find they qualify for other assistance programs offered in the area by contacting one of the resources listed below.

Wisconsin Low Income Housing Water Assistance Program

Wisconsin Division of Energy, Housing and Community Resources

Walworth County Health and Human Services