Consumer Confidence Report

Annual Water Quality Reporting

The 1996 Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) created a public information requirement for municipal water systems. The Lake Geneva Utility Commission is required to annually publish a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) and to make a copy available to all water utility customers.

The report provides the results of water quality testing on the water system, along with information about the water supply from the most recently completed operational year. A summary of the contaminants tested are provided along with educational information regarding any potential health effects they may have on consumers. We hope you find the information contained in this report to be useful.

If you have additional questions about the information contained in this report, please contact Water Superintendent - Jeff Ecklund at (262) 248-2311.

Download the 2017 Consumer Confidence Report

Download the 2016 Consumer Confidence Report

Download the 2015 Consumer Confidence Report