Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we receive at the Utility Commission. If you do not find the answer you are looking for below, please contact our office at 262.248.2311 or email us at

Q: I found has bill pay for the Lake Geneva Utility Commission, is it legitimate?

A: The Lake Geneva Utility Commission does not endorse as an official partner for payments. Customers who would like to make phone, credit or debit payments are urged to visit our Home page or Billing & Payments page to initiate payments via Payment Service Network (PSN).

Q: I think my sewer is backing up, what do I do?

A: Contact the Wastewater Utility at (262) 248-2394 immediately. If you don't make direct contact with personnel, please contact the Lake Geneva Police Department at (262) 248-4455. They will page our on-call staff who should be there within the hour to further evaluate the situation and advise the customer on what steps may be necessary to resolve the situation.

Q: What causes water mains to break and what should I be aware of?

A: Water mains can break for a number of reasons including the shifting of ground from extremely wet, extremely cold and even from extremely dry ground. Breaks can also be caused by rapid fluctuations in pressure within the system and sometimes just from plain old aging or deterioration. These same causes also affect the service lines or laterals serving our individual customers.

Breaks are unpredictable, but repairing them and restoring service is our priority. Whenever possible, we notify customers with door knockers - but we do not knock during late night or early morning repairs.

You may notice some discoloration after repairs are made resulting from flushing the system. You can typically get rid of the discoloration by running the cold water for 5 - 10 minutes through faucets without aerators, like tubs or outside spigots.

If you suspect a main break or service lateral leak, please use the Contact Us tab to find the appropriate number to call.

Q: I had a high water bill caused by a leak, do I have to pay for it?

A: Yes. The Commission does have a policy regarding possible refunding of portions of the sewer usage charge if the water leak did not enter the sanitary sewer system. The process is to contact the Commission Office to notify us that you have found a leak so that we may determine if you are eligible for a credit, pay the current bill in full, provide evidence of the plumbing repair and then request relief in writing to our office so that we may inspect conditions to verify the appropriate repairs have been made.

Q: What is the purpose of flushing a fire hydrant?

A: We flush hydrants, typically in the spring and fall, to help remove any sediment accumulation from within the system. Hydrants are also used as a point to measure potential fire protection flows in relation to development and construction. Additionally we flush hydrants in response to main break repairs and also use them to aid in water quality control in areas of low use or on dead end water mains. We advise customers not to do white laundry on days that crews are flushing in your area. If any discoloration is noticed in your water, please let your cold water run for 10-15 minutes from a bath tub faucet or outside spigot to clear out any discoloration or air that may be present. Occasionally the screens in your faucets may also be required to be cleaned out to restore full fixture flow. For more information on any scheduled flushing, please check the Water Utility page.

Q: Where does the water supplied to customers in Lake Geneva come from, Geneva Lake?

A: The Water Utility does not utilize surface water for distribution, it provides public water from 4 different drilled groundwater wells ranging in depth between 95' - 205'.

Q: What is the hardness of the municipal drinking water in Lake Geneva?

A: We have a detailed explanation on the Water Utility page about the various ways that hardness and mineral content can be measured in water. To navigate away from this page and learn more about hardness, you can click on the link to the Water Utility page.

Q: Who do I see for a permit related to a driveway, water or sewer service, new sidewalk, excavation or right of way permit?

A: Construction Permits for Utility & Public Works projects occurring in the road right of way are issued out of the Building and Zoning Department at City Hall, 626 Geneva St.

Q: I have a question about streets and/or storm water, who do I contact?

A: The Director of Public Works oversees these activities and can be reached at (262) 248-6644.